The foundation’s projects have become one of the largest sources of up-to-date information on topics such as alternative medicine and homeopathy; creationism and religious fundamentalism, denialism, critical thinking and logic, political figures and groups around the world attacking science and rational thought, and media coverage of these topics.

RationalWiki, the foundation’s flagship project, is a wiki on pseudoscience, anti-science, fundamentalism, authoritarianism, and crank ideas. The wiki includes the popular “What is Going On?” feature, with which the community links to, rates, and discusses skeptical and crank blog posts and news stories. RationalBlogs currently hosts a related blog and will expand its roster of skeptical bloggers. Plans are in development for collaborative digital multimedia and mobile and software application projects.

Opportunities for Donors:

  • Endowment support for the continued availability of hardware and software infrastructure and the protection of content.
  • Support for software development.
  • Support for interaction with the broader skeptical community in publications and at meetings.
  • Operational support for foundation projects such as RationalWiki.